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 What is Enbloc Sale ?


Enbloc Sale basically means ...
All the owners of separate units in an apartment, condominium or even an office building, coming together to collectively sell out their properties to a developer for comprehensive redevelopment. We attempt to share and explain here .... 


Why Owners go for Enbloc Sale ?  

When is it then feasible ? 

What is the Procedure ?

Why Owners go for Enbloc Sale ?

1. En-Bloc Sale allows Owners to sell their properties for a lot more than they could fetch by selling individually in the open market.

2. En-Bloc Sale allows Owners to convert the unused land or development potential in their property development into cash.

3. En-Bloc Sale also allows Owners to cash out of their property investment for other newer and larger properties or re-invest in other forms of higher yield investments.

When is Enbloc then Feasible ?

En-Bloc Sale is normally feasible when one or a combination of the followings is evident in the development:

1. An Increase in Plot Ratio of the land

2. Re-zoning of the land to a higher use

3. The land is not fully built up or utilised to its allowable development potential

What is the Procedure ?

The 7 Stages involved in the En-bloc Sale Process

1. Checking Land Value
2. Checking Owners' interest
3. Sale Preparation
4. Marketing of Land sale
5. Private Treaty/ Public Tender and Evaluation
6. Legal Completion of Enbloc Sale
7. Delivery of Vacant Possession .

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